A new location in Paris, where you can have a rich and diverse experience on the Seine


Quai de la Photo is a barge that is open both towards the quay and towards the river, with a large terrace on the banks. It is both an art center, dedicated to photography, a welcoming restaurant, and a marina for our boats. With some industrial accents, its architecture blends in particularly well with the surroundings, close to the Josephine Baker swimming pool and the neighboring barges.

an unusual boat shed

On the quay, two containers were converted as outside bars, framing a nice terrace providing some shade where you will find exhibits of young contemporary photographers.

On the river, the barge is conceived as a boat shed, with three different deckspaces and an indoor canal going through it. The upper deck houses the restaurant and bookstore while the lower deck is the main exhibition space. Linking them, the middle deck is open to the canal and gives access to the boats.

the seine as an atmosphere

With its indoor canal, Quai de la Photo is an original and unique home base, both in Paris and in France. The presence of the boats inside the building participate in the creation of the singular ambiance of Quai de la Photo.

Built in Dieppe (Normandy) and conveyed to Paris on the Seine, this cultural and celebratory location is in a strong relationship with the river, as you can also use it as a door to escape on a cruise.


As a new place to board for a cruise in Paris, a departure from Quai de la Photo offers a route slightly extended beyond the historical center. You will be able to discover an area that of the city that was more recently planned, with banks that were completely overhauled. As such, you can embark on a cruise from the young and dynamic National Library neighborhood, and then enjoy our various boats Murano, Lugano, Fårö and Kaïros.

A contemporary Paris

The singular architectures of the Arab World Institute, French National Library or City of Fashion and Design will show you the contemporary face of Paris. A metropolis filled with history that also knows how to reinvent itself.

zéro de conduite

The arrival of this electric catamaran with a sheltered deck and platform acting as a balcony on the river, you can now depart for a shared cruise around the Saint-Louis and City islands.

This boat is also open to private bookings during larger events, especially those in relation to Quai de la Photo.

much more than a quay

If, as the name suggests, it is a place where the river is within reach, Quai de la Photo also shelters an original cultural world centered around photography, navigation and food. The independent bookstore specialized in photo La Comète joined Quai de la Photo since its opening and offers a comprehensive selection of works, but also organizes events, signings, or presentations open to the public.

Have something to eat

You can have a drink or enjoy a tempting menu in a warm and cheerful surroundings, either before or after a cruise on the river. The terrace, bars and restaurant can host business lunches or romantic dinners, or even large tables of friends, accompanied by a visit of the exhibition.


This place is also by essence an art center dedicated to contemporary photography, where you can discover artistic news and today’s singular looks. Several exhibitions each year showcase both big names and emerging artists, along with a dedicated program.

A thorough and accessible programming

cutting-edge on photographic news

A cheerful place where you can eat and drink

don’t miss the chef’s seasonal menu

Either private or shared cruises

or: what about a change of scenery


The team will welcome you at 9, Quai de la Gare, Paris 13th.
To learn more about this hybrid place, its programming or opening hours, or even to book, let’s meet on its website.
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