At a crossroad amongst the elements, our boats represent a link between history and innovation, refinement and shared pleasure


Embark on a private cruise on a sophisticated motorboat from Venice, on a powerful runabout from the alpine lakes or a lavish Swedish cutter that will soon blow a hundred candles. These beautiful vintage boats were all renovated with care to receive you in a delicate way.

The latest one to join our fleet is a tender coming from the Dutch canals. It allows us to welcome larger groups while maintaining a high standard, an equilibrium between generous spaces and precision of the finishing touches.

Each unit of this singular fleet with a European feel is now fitted with a hybrid propulsion system. Some do have a main thermal engine while others are electric, but all are equipped with electric secondary engines. In this perpective, we aim to provide you with a quieter river cruise, with even more room for contemplation.


A Venetian motoscafo

This is the limousine of the City of the Doges, a motorboat that was fully renovated. She combines comfort and looks, following the tradition of the Rivas and Chriscrafts.


A runabout from the Alpine lakes

Built on the shores of Lake Zurich, this powerful boat is the proud heir of the nautical elegance of the 1960s.


A Scandinavian cutter

This 11-meter long Swedish jewel of 1935 is fitted with an all-electric propulsion since her refit in 2023.


A Dutch tender

Coming from place with an exemplary savoir-faire in river boats, this unit combines generosity and conviviality in a luxurious frame.

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We invite you to discover the unique world of the Seine, where occasional strollers stand alongside everyday workers, where boats of different sizes and shapes meet and greet each other. In the light of today’s fluvial challenges, Seine Avenue carries out renovations and innovations to stay at the cutting edge. For us, the objective is to take part in a sustainable use of the river in order to further share its magic.

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