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Seine Avenue is above all a human adventure, born out of a slightly crazy bet: buy and renovate a neglected Venetian motorboat, and allow her to get back into service. This time, not on the lagoon of the City of the Doges, but in a setting in no way inferior: the Seine.

This this the challenge that Philippe – a passionate architect – set himself one day, when he discovering Murano in Venice, in 2008. Challenge taken up three years later with the creation of Seine Avenue and the recommissioning of our motoscafo for bespoke cruises in the heart of Paris.

A team of faithful seasonal workers is then built, year after year, with the progressive rise of the demand and the success of a quality service which is recognized for its care for details and flexibility. Then, in 2019, the core pilots of the team became partners, in order to reaffirm their professional commitment and to develop new projects.

As new boats are unearthed and bought with the idea to expand our offer, new projects emerge, from the adjunction of an auxiliary propulsion to a full restauration and adaptation to a commercial service.

While the world goes into a forced stop in 2020, for the small seasoned team, the story gets faster: Lugano is the second boat to enter service with Seine Avenue; the project for Fårö slowly takes shape thanks to a new funding programme; and the company then starts developing a larger project together with other entrepreneurs from other backgrounds: Quai de la Photo.

As this location opens in 2023, Seine Avenue moves in with an extended fleet of small boats: Fårö is commissioned alongside Kaïros, a new boat with a higher passenger capacity. The Zéro de Conduite – a former ferry that belonged to a movie theater on the La Villette basin – becomes the new star of shared cruises, accessible to everybody.

Now a partner to numerous operators in the tourism and hospitality business in Paris, Seine Avenue deploys an expertise that comes from over ten years of activity on the river, and every new boat that is put into service is the proud result of a long term effort.

No matter what is the craft that gains your attention, ours is focused on a constant requirement for high standards and a share of the beauties that the Seine and Paris have to offer. Welcome aboard!



purchase of the boat in Venice


extensive restoration of the boat for 2 years near Paris


creation of the company and first private cruises aboard Murano

Arcole pontoon

installation of the pontoon, logistical base and boarding point, in the center of Paris


purchase and project for the swedish boat


purchase and works on this Swiss runabout


entry into service of Seine Avenue’s second boat

Quai de la Photo & Fårö

Application and awarding for the project of Quai de la Photo – Fårö joins a pilot program for electric conversion

Quai de la Photo & Fårö

start of the construction of Quai de la Photo in Normandy – conversion and restoration of Fårö in Brittany

quai de la photo & fleet

opening of Quai de la Photo – commissioning of Fårö, Kaïros and Zéro de Conduite


Seine Avenue evolved, as our activity grew, as each new boat meant new adventures. With a demand for cruises peaking during the summer and wintery months dedicated to maintenance, the seasonality of this field of work means that the team has to be flexible. For all that, dedication by various members of the team means we enjoy a strong entrepreneurial core, within which each one of us orchestrates the various aspects of our work.

When the dawn barely colors the skies, as the river is still calm and smooth as a mirror, or when dusk comes and the street lamps slowly come to life one after the other in the City of Light, Philippe, Martin, Arthur, Yoan, Gauthier, Xavier and their colleagues experience a different feeling. They forget about the sometimes difficult moments spent on the maintenance of boats as exceptional as they are demanding, when one has to discover an original technical solution while faced with the challenge posed by vintage pieces.

These fine examples of boatbuilding history that all carry a different feel are the supports for an almost sentimental relationship, one that is certainly engaging and filled with emotion, aimed at the Seine and Paris.


The fluvial milieu is a world in itself, taking place one degree lower compared to the city and its affairs. Straddling between two worlds, the players of this sub-territory can’t resist being struck by its magic, attentive to its scenery and meanings, obeying to its variables.

En tant qu’opérateur de croisières fluviales, Seine Avenue est tout autant impliqué dans une action opérationnelle sur le terrain qu’en discussion avec les autres agents y intervenant, à l’écoute quotidienne de ses clients qu’en renforcement constant de ses divers partenariats.

As a river cruise operator, Seine Avenue is involved both in operational actions on the field and in discussions with other operators, either private, commercial, public or institutional. We constantly listen to our customers and learn from them, and aim to further reinforce our various partnerships.

Our privileged partnerships


Since its beginning, Seine Avenue has positioned itself as a dynamic operator on the Seine, resolutely forward-looking and inspired both by what may happen elsewhere, but also by the opportunities we may encounter along the way.

As such, Murano is a small boat that predates an activity that ten years later is fully blooming. The installation of Arcole pontoon close to Saint-Germain-des-Prés is a first in Paris for the mooring of this kind of craft. Lugano on the other hand is the first boat to benefit from a fully hybrid propulsion, as she can cruise both on her thermal engine and with her electric pods.

Electric boats

As Fårö enters a pilot program for the transition to a fleet with low-carbon emission in Paris, with the support of the CPP (Parisian Port Community), the team signs up for a daring project: install a reliable electric propulsion system into an older boat. In the same idea, our fleet expands with the purchase of the Zéro de Conduite in 2022 – this boat was also pioneering in her field, as she was launched in 2005 already as an electric boat! And other projects are under consideration.

Shared cruises

While our core activity remain private cruises in Paris, we launched a new and previously unseen offer on small boats, departing from Quai de la Photo: shared cruises, accessible with tickets. As of now, multiple times a week, our captains will take the passengers of the Zéro de Conduite on a discovery cruise in the heart of Paris, around the Saint-Louis and City islands.

A collective venture

While Seine Avenue was born out of the intuition and will of one man, our structure evolved over the years. The pilots involved over multiple years became partners, and we choose to favor employment over subcontractors despite a seasonal and fluctuating activity. Overall, we opt for autonomy and versatility in our company, as a way to support our actions and collective.

The river as a swaying milieu

Environmental challenges and social expectancies impact the Seine and ask for a renewal of the economic and touristic activities. Moreover, the summer Olympics 2024 focus the world’s attention to the river and act as a catalyst for changes. Seine Avenue has a front-row seat and aims at further improving its involvement on these matters.

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