Proper noun [Italy] : name of a famous island in the Venetian Lagoon. Famous for its glass making traditions.


Conceived and built from precious wood in Venice, this 9.2 meter long boat is a former motoscafo from the city of Doges. The beauty of her lines and the quality of the materials she’s built from make her a symbol of luxury and elegance. On board, leather, chromes and varnished mahogany create a dialog with the stones and steel of the century-old bridges of Paris. A memorable experience in the landscape of the city of lights.


Murano is the heir of the nautical sophistication of the 1960s, combining comfort and appearance in the finest tradition of the Rivas and Chriscrafts. It is with this proud example of the naval inheritance of Venice that Seine Avenue started its commercial activity. Initially, she was ordered as the personal boat of a famous glass maker of the island of Murano. What you see is the result of a highly skilled craftsmanship: it is style and precision that guided the hands of the workers of the Astolfo shipyard, where she was built.

It is in this same shipyard that Philippe discovered it in 2008. The motoscafo is at this point in a very poor condition, due to a years-long state of neglect, but he immediately sees her potential. Sent by truck to the Paris region, she was then subjected to a thorough renovation lasting two years. Once her original beauty was restored, it was then launched in 2011 on the Seine to offer unique river cruises combining charm and authenticity.

Technical data

a captain and a steward

length: 9.2 m / beam: 2.3 m
draft: 0.8 m / freeboard: 0.85 m

F.lli Astolfo Shipyard
Murano (Venice), Italy, 1964

main: Volvo Penta – 5 cylinders inline – 170 HP
auxilliary: Torqeedo – 2 pods of 4kW each


Boarding will take place through the front cockpit, where the crew usually is. At the center of the boat, the passengers will enjoy a nice cabin with large windows opening to the landscape and equipped with beautiful blue-leather seats and the mini-bar. This welcoming and sheltered space can act as a cozy lounge in case of a chilly weather. But when the sun shines, the outer bench in the back becomes a wonderful space, both intimate but also open to the city. Close to the water, with a stunning view on the monuments of Paris.

8 people max.

the boat is rated for 8 passengers, however we do recommend a maximum of 6 adults on board

Various pick-up points

6 different boarding points are available, on demand and subject to availability

1h20 or 2h

we can suggest 2 offers, with a different route

Service included

a bottle of champagne, a mini-bar of soft drinks and a few light snacks, sweet and savory

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